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Years ago I had a terrific Toyota Corolla which I loved.  The dealer told me, “If I took care of it – it would take care of me.”  So I was very intentional and consistent in changing the oil, rotating the tires and making sure it had its scheduled tune – ups.  The result – that baby purred like a kitten and lasted over 20 years.

Imagine if we had that same attitude with our significant relationships?   By that I mean we don’t ignore the “warning lights” because we have been intentional about making sure the little things are taken care...because little things over time can turn into BIG things.


Marital Tune-Up is an opportunity to grow closer as a couple to address issues that have been road blocks for deeper intimacy. 

Some warning lights can be:

  • You find yourself feeling less emotionally connected

  • You feel more irritable with one another and less patient than usual

  • Physical intimacy is significantly lower

  • You don’t feel understood or heard

  • Your communication seems lacking


Session 1: Understanding your Personal Style – Take and debrief the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) which helps indentify your inherent personal style as it relates to your spouse, tasks, time and situations.  Gain self-understanding, self-acceptance, and greater appreciation of yourself and your spouse. Seeing your differences as an asset and not a liability.

Session 2 – Building Better Communication – Tips on how you can share your heart and thoughts while learning how to listen effectively and be heard.  We will walk through various exercises to learn new healthy ways to communicate.

Session 3 – Conflict Resolution Strategies – Learn ways to attack your problem and not the other person.  Every marriage has its issues, learn how you can be better prepared to turn towards each other instead of away with an awareness of how conflict affects you.

Marital Tuned-Up will begin to address these “warning lights” through Three – one and a half hour sessions over the course of three weeks.

Cost:  $375 plus the cost of the Personal Style Indicator Assessment

For more information on what the counselling sessions will entail, please contact me at or phone me at (604) 817-5947.

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