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A typical session with me is never typical as I cater each session to your individual needs. Relationships are wonderful when they are going well, but they can be heart wrenching when they are not.  I desire to walk with you to help you navigate those relationships that matter most to you to achieve greater growth and health.  My desire is to provide a calm and safe place for you to be yourself and share your hopes and dreams, hurts and disappointments.  I seek to help you go beyond your fears that hold you back and see the opportunities and possibilities before you.  We all have “issues” or problems that we face…and we all have a choice to either grow strong under the pressure or feel crushed. My HOPE is for your growth to reach your dreams!

I give every client a Personal Style Inventory ($25) which is a valuable tool to enhance your self-awareness and understand how you relate to others. This is very helpful in improving your communication skills.  Each session is 60 minutes.  We meet in whatever capacity you feel the most comfortable, in my office out of my home, through Zoom, or phone call.


I love the illustration of how a pearl is formed.  It’s the only precious gem that’s produced as the result of a whole lot of pain and discomfort.  When a tiny grain of sand slips inside an oyster’s shell, it’s jagged edges hurt so much that the oyster begins to secrete a substance that will coat that tiny, prickly particle.  It keeps coating and coating the hurtful culprit until the cause of the horrible irritation has finally been enveloped in a lustrous substance.  At last the irritant’s cutting spikes are no longer exposed or hurtful and the result is a rare and beautiful pearl.  WHAT WAS ONCE A SOURCE OF INCREDIBLE PAIN BEOMES A PRECIOUS JEWEL.  

I believe our lives can be like that, depending on how we choose to respond to our challenges.  When we allow the Master to coat our wounds with His healing salve and open our hearts and minds to His gentle guidance…we find ourselves in a much healthier place. 

Cost: $100 per session

For more information on what the sessions will entail, please contact me at or phone me at (604) 817-5947.

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